Which is the correct zip to ugrade Dolibarr for UBUNTU?

Hi, I have to updgrde Dolibarr to version 12.01 (or 12.02)
Which is the correct file I have to download? I don’t understand…
I have it on ubunti, on AWS amazon


if someone could help me to know


You need to download the https://sourceforge.net/projects/dolibarr/files/Dolibarr%20ERP-CRM/12.0.2/
And upload all the file throught ftp.

Or use this : Doli_Install : Dolibarr installation/upgrade script

hi, thanks. But when I unzip it, I see these folders, I don’t remember what Have I to upload and where…


Only htdocs documents to be uploaded on your remote server.
You need to overwrite existing files.

ah ok thanks.
Do you know if in some folder there are uploads (made by users), if the folder will be empty or the uploads will remain there? thanks


Upload or document generated are located on a separate folder called “document”

Step 1: Install Apache2 HTTP Server on Ubuntu
Step 2: Install MariaDB Database Server
Step 3: Install PHP 7.1 and Related Modules
Step 3: Restart Apache2
Step 4: Create Dolibarr Database
Step 5: Download Dolibarr Latest Release
Step 6: Configure Apache2
Step 7: Enable the Dolibarr and Rewrite Module
Step 8: Restart Apache2

Hope this information is helpful to you.
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thanks, i try in some minutes to upload the zip and try to ovverrite all files