Payment Receipt : with document model


I announce the release of the “Payment Receipt” module that adds a tab to payments editing pages.

This tab is similar to the main payment page but integrates an extra section for generating the PDF of payment receipt.

This document includes fields to be signed by the recipient of the payment to be used as proof of payment.

Like all modules of Dolipar, this module includes a parameterizing section that includes so far only one parameter to display the document in the browser without the need to download it.

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Where can I find it?


Payment Receipt module

Hi. When i’m tryong to install your module i receive that there in no paymentreceipt.lib.php in lib directory.
Any help?

Thank you

Try to message the developer for a quicker response. Mail to

Dear Sirs

I have purchased Payment Receipt 3 days ago, but til now i can use.
Can you please help me,


I freezes when i click on Payment Receipt

I would be gratefull if you could help me.


Unfortunately, till now my account in this forum was badly configured in matter of notifications.
Many more questions have been answered for this module in the French Forum :

@dolipar Hello there, i have bought already today your module and installed working fine.
there is 2 things i need to adjust ( the numberwords is not showing decimals it is just showing the main number like the attached picture, and how can i expand the border-box of Client details.
also how can i remove Draft copy on paper ?

please help. thank you so much.
Abu Samra

Hi and thank you for your purchase.
Thank you again for reporting two bugs (decimals not showing in letters and Draft copy) which have been fixed and the new version uploaded to Dolistore. You only need to download the new version.
In what concerns the border box of the client details, you can configure it in the file paymentreceipt/core/modules/paymentreceipt/doc/pdf_orge.modules.php, line 334 :
$pdf->Rect($blDestX, $Yoff - 1, $blW, 20);
You can experiment by changing each of the four parameters.

Hello again.
Thank you for your feedback yes draft copy is gone and also Decimals are showing!
for BOX i did adjust and its fine but there is 1 last issue.
attached in the picture link, the CUrrency is showing twice before the Decimals and after even i did change the numberwords module to show symbol and not to show symbol still shows twice the Currency before and after the decimals.

Waiting for your feedback and Best Regards

Man any update ? please let me know.


@dolipar IS there any update on my question please it is showing Currency twice. please give me a feedback on it.

Hi, can you send a screen copy ?

Hello Again, i have sent already picture image it is showing AED and United Arab Emirates Dirham so it has Currency mentioned Twice as Symbol and in words. AED(Symbol) United Arab Emirates Dirham(in Words)

waiting for your feedback.
kind Regards

is there any update ?
please respond asap…
it has been months since i requested this…

Hi AbuSamra,

Thank you for your message. I am sorry to take so long to answer.
I have corrected the bug. You can download the new version from Dolistore.


The basic components of a receipt include:
The name and address of the business or individual receiving the payment.
The name and address of the person making the payment.
The date the payment was made.
A receipt number.
The amount paid.
The reason for the payment.
How the payment was made (credit card, cash, etc)