Problems understanding virtual product functions.

Good day to you all.

I am a new user of dolibar currently using version 10.0.3.

the problem I have is as folows :

I have a product a box of different candy lets call it CANDY ASSORT.
It virtual product tab it is made of or contains these products:
1 cardboard candy Box
1 candy caramel
1 candy vanilla
1 candy coffee
All are virtual products are set to change stock as parent product changes that is what I need and I understand how it works.

the problem:
I have 0 stock of CANDY ASSORT , but I have 10 Stock of every virtual product it is made of. That means I can make 10 peaces of CANDY ASSORT product.
If I change, manualy/by hand using stock correction, the number of product CANDY ASSORT to 10. Ammount of virtual product (candy caramel vanilla coffee and box) INCREAS by 10. Is there away or workaround to make it not hapen? or even better make it decrease CHILDE products if I INCREAS parent product in some particular way. lets say manufacture the goods ? may be any module anyone can suggest to use for this ?


Hi ,

Firstly, create virtual product CANDY ASSORT with subproducts as 1 cardboard candy Box, 1 candy caramel, 1 candy vanilla, 1 candy coffee . Untick increase / decrease with change in parent product ( screenshot attached).

Then create same composition in the factory module (screenshot attached).

Create a production Order for 10 CANDY ASSORT and when it is finished.
Before: You had 0 CANDY ASSORT and 10 cardboard candy Box, 10 candy caramel, 10 candy vanilla, 10 candy coffee
After: You will have 10 CANDY ASSORT and 0 cardboard candy Box, 0 candy caramel, 0 candy vanilla, 0 candy coffee

See the demo of factory module and can install if you need:

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THANK YOU ! That solves my problem 100%