Within the third party feature, Dolibarr gives you the ability to follow-up precisely your prospects using different dedicated tools.

Create your third parties

Creating third parties is very easy. Only the name and the partner type (customer, prospect and supplier) are mandatory. 

Yet, a lot of other data can be saved on third party cards such as professional id, and of course address, phone number, e-mail...

You can assign an internal user as this prospect salesman


Set status and potential of your prospects

Different tools are very useful to follow-up your prospect. « Prospect » tab of each third party card display prospect specific data that can be modified along the business relationship :

Select the prospect potential between none, low, medium and high, 

and the prospect status between do not contact, never contacted, to contact, contact in process and contact done.

Both of these lists values can be personalized creating your own needs with Dolibarr dictionaries.

Follow-up your prospect

Never miss an opportunity to make business !

You can display a list of all your prospects, and sort results with status and potential fields content.

Update prospecting status of your prospect third parties

No need to click and click again to modify the prospection statuts after a business action.

To change your prospects status, just click on the icon on the card or on the list.

Check your business events linked to your prospects

Never miss an appointement with the agenda functionnality applied on your prospects !

The Agenda tab will display all the event related to your prospects done or to do such as proposal created, invoices validated... and many other data depending on the module Agenda settings.

Create third party contacts

You can create contactof third parties. Let's say that third parties are companies and contact à people working on companies. You will then have the ability to assign a third party contact to a business document and display hisname  in the recipient area of your proposals !

To know more about third party features, visit the Dolibarr wiki.